Updated: Oct 31, 2019

Look who’s checked in for their winter holiday at Tiree B&B?!

Every year for the past 4 years Mr. and Mrs. Hornbill have been visiting us in the winter months to gorge on pecan nuts from our huge tree.

Each year they bring a new fledgling baby to introduce to us.

They have become quite tame (my hubby thinks of them as his children!) and lazy, and now call to us, even pecking on the bay window, to come out and crack open the nuts FOR them and spread them on the main patio under the pecan tree, where they swoop down and feast. So cute! A joy to watch😊

Following hot on their heels to join the party, are the doves and minor birds and others all hustling for their share!


Our son David, (monkey boy) has been climbing the pecan tree since way back in 1997 as a 9 year old, jumping on the high branches causing multitudes of ripe nuts to fly out of their pods like a massive hail storm! Both he and the tree have grown some since then!

We then collect all the nuts up into baskets, add a nutcracker, and share them with you, our guests. A great treat is to crack pecans around a fire in the evenings with a glass of sherry. Yummy! Just like having Christmas in July!

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